How does Ecoeuros work?

Our goal is to stimulate recycling. We do this by rewarding people with a green coupon when they put their empty plastic bottle or aluminum can in an ecoeuro machine.

We call this green coupon ecoeuros. People can spend their ecoeuros at shops that are part of the ecoeuro partner network. The partners are allowed to decide for themselves what the ecoeuros are worth in their shop. In addition, people can also choose to donate their ecoeuros to a linked charity or social partner.

All the bottles and cans get collected, and are recycled into new products. This way we create a circular economy, and contribute to a clean living environment, and a sustainable world.

Rotterdam subway

Currently there are ecoeuros machines located throughout the subway of Rotterdam (RET). By using ecoeuros the RET actively increases their recycling percentage, and improves the travel experience.

The commuters of Rotterdam can hand in their ecoeuros in a divers ecoeuro partner network; coffee houses, florists, pizzeria’s, and far more. The commuters can also choose to donate their ecoeuros to the social partner of the RET, the Rotterdam Zoo.